Backside contest results

The project has supported new talent as well. The design printed on the back of the deck was chosen via an online poll. Artists submitted their images and the one with the most votes is what you see on the back of every card in the set. This work was created by Giga Kobidze, a young artist from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Winner: Giga Kobidze
(531 votes)
2nd place: James Butler
(424 votes)
3rd place: Ilya Fedorov
(172 votes)
by Husam Elfaki
(72 votes)
(36 votes)
by Súa Agapé
(29 votes)
by François Leroy
(107 votes)
by Jakub Głowacki
(32 votes)
by George Kvasnikov
(32 votes)
by Matej Balaz
(31 votes)
by Jan Irlenkäuser
(61 votes)
by William Ismael
(20 votes)
by Never Scared
(12 votes)
by Zoltan Szalay
(88 votes)
by Drew Kinney
(96 votes)